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Weekend wrap up

January 30th, 2006 at 09:37 am

Sold another set of books on ebookdrop. Total $9.47.

My total "extra income" that I'll put towards my next student loan payment is $18.66 (10.56 ebookdrop/8.03 grocery coupon and card savings/0.07 interest).

I have a few more ebookdrop payments that are pending, but I'll just use what I've already received when I make a payment tomorrow. Also, my sad little interest amount is just for my normal checking account. I get a free interest bearing checking account as a bank employee, but it earns a very small amount of interest (0.10% I believe).

I went online to see what my end of the month bonus check will come in at. I'll actually receive the deposit tomorrow, but with today off I wanted to do some financial upkeep. I normally receive around $130, but it was much lower this month. Actually pre-tax it was right on target, but they took out $35 in federal taxes! My normal checks only have about $75 in federal taxes taken out, and they're ten times the size of my little bonus check. Not sure what's going on with that . . .

I'll have to take a look and see whether I want to put the money towards my final planned student loan payment or my short-term savings (I should have been able to put it towards both). Hmmm....

Spending and Savings:

$28.21 internet bill

$5.07 drug store
$9.16 groceries

$0.69 savings at drug store (to debt)
$2.76 savings at grocery store (to debt)

$15.00 cigarettes
$1.00 coffee

$0.07 interest (to debt)

$22.68 dinner (pizza)

$38.81 left in budget (til 2/3)

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