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January Recap (a bit late)

February 13th, 2006 at 10:32 am

I finally have a computer that works at home, but it's still having problems. Oh well, I figured I should start by posting my January recap. Overall spending was good . . .

Must Haves (goal 50% or $854.22)
~ Actual: 42.3% or $721.75

Save (goal 30% or $512.53)
~ Actual: 32.3% or $552.35

Wants (goal 20% or $341.69)
~ Actual: 25.4% or $434.10

I was overbudget for the "wants" category, but I also did well in "save."

Here's the break down of debt/savings in January:


~ $0.06 short-term savings
(down $363.53)
~ $31.00 long-term savings
(down $869.00)
~ $1,015.93 IRA
(new this month, used short-term
and long-term savings to fund)
~ $2,767.51 401K
(up $276.72)
~ $304.51 vested Pension
(up $21.64)

Total Savings: $4,176.64


~ $2,413.45 Private Student Loan 1
(down $476.55)
~ $3,288.26 Private Student Loan 2
(down $31.81)
~ $8,333.54 Government Student Loan
(down $58.74)

Total Debt: $14,035.25

Overall it was a good month. I met my goals for paying off debt and opened a Roth IRA. The use of savings is a bit deceptive, since most was in order to open the IRA. The rest was planned expenses for a trip to my parents and for my boyfriend's birthday.

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