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Tax return received

February 26th, 2006 at 02:00 pm

I received my tax return on friday. $234.17 total, $200 of which was due to the savers credit ($100 from my 401k contributions and $100 from deciding to open an IRA in order to get the full credit). I went ahead and scheduled an extra student loan payment and am waiting for it to post.

Spending is alright. The budget is getting kind of close, but I shouldn't have very many purchases next week. We're stocked up for groceries for a while.

I'm motivated to find a new job. On Friday I found out that my manager has accepted another position with the company, and will be leaving April 1st. I don't know if I can handle another change in management, and having to prove myself again. It always seems to set back my progression in my job when this happens. I've been with the company 2 years, and this is my third manager. Very frustrating.

In good news, I found out that I started working for my company at just the right time. When I started, they began matching 401k contributions 30 days after you started, and the pension is set up in such a way that you started vesting after 2 years and received full vesting at 5. Now, you have to work with the company for a year before you receive any 401k match, and you don't have any pension vesting until the 5 year mark.

Having a pension seems kind of weird to me, since it's not that common anymore. My pension is funded by a percentage of my income plus it earns interest. If I leave the company right now, I have a choice for how I want to receive the funds. You can take them in cash, or roll them into your 401k (the later being the option I would choose).


$4 coffee

$8 lunch at work
$8 dinner out
$6.46 cigarettes

$34.03 groceries
$5.96 cigarettes

$27.97 left in budget (til 3/3)


$0.55 savings on cigarettes
$0.06 interest earned on checking account
$234.17 tax return received (pending on loan)

$3.50 grocery card savings

$4.11 total extra for next loan payment

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