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It's the weekend!

March 3rd, 2006 at 07:57 pm

My parents are visiting this weekend. Strangely they visit fairly often (they only live about 5 hours away, and enjoy the drive). My boyfriend finds it sort of strange. I think his parents have visited us once in the 5 years we've been together. He does get along with my parents, and always enjoys when they visit and especially that they bring their dog along. I grew up with the same type of dog as he did, so he always messes up and calls my parent's current dog by his (now no longer with us) dog's name. Cute Smile

I was paid today, but the money went out remarkably fast.

Here's a break down:

$804.66 paycheck . . .

$262.50 half of April rent
$38.00 to short-term save
$100.00 to regular private student loan payment
$130.00 to extra student loan payment (plus 0.50 from sale savings at the drug store)
$274.16 for "spending" over next 2 weeks

And now to the scary amount of spending today . . .

$28.21 internet bill
$15.00 cigarettes
$4.11 phone bill
$3.99 coffee
$6.39 lunch
$12.04 girly supplies at drug store

Really my spending wouldn't have been bad except for my crazy poor planning . . . We ran out of coffee this morning, and so I bought my own once I was at work (right when I was doing a good job of NOT going to the coffee shop). Then, I realized I had forgotten my lunch and ended up spending over $6 for a sandwich and some chips. It was annoying because it was a totally unplanned expense, and normally I ALWAYS remember to bring my lunch. Then, I had a bit of a girly emergency and was completely unprepared while at work. I had to run to the drug store, and it's not like I was really shopping around for sales . . .

Eh, oh well . . . I'll just try and be careful from now on Smile

$201.92 left in budget til 3/16

Edit: I totally forgot that I got a raise. Yeah, 19 cents more per hour. Sheesh, they couldn't even round up to a quarter.

2 Responses to “It's the weekend!”

  1. baselle Says:

    If I think what happened to you re: girly supplies; I had the same thing happen to me this week. Most expensive box I bought in awhile, but it was either spend money or leave a trail. Smile

  2. jodi_m Says:

    Ditto here...except I happened to be on vacation in Las Vegas when I was surprised. I was so appalled at the gift store prices that I decided to just buy then as needed in the bathrooms! (literally, half the price).
    (sorry guys!)

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