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Various spending and account bonuses

March 8th, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Nothing too exciting going on here. I did clean up the house a bit this evening, and get some laundry done. Always a nice accomplishment Smile

I've been going over my budget to see if I want to adjust things a bit because of my raise. I'm still undecided. I'll probably up my student loan payments a bit, but I'm still not certain what the change in take home pay will be. I think I'll what until I have a clearer picture of things.

Also, I signed up for two account bonuses. One from HSBC for $50 for opening a checking account, and another from ING for $25.

The HSBC account is a checking account that I plan on using in conjunction with my HSBC savings account. The checking has a minimum balance OR direct deposit requirement in order to waive the monthly fee. My work allows me to split up my direct deposit to multiple accounts, so I'm going to set it up to send my short-term savings to the HSBC checking. Then I'll just transfer the money to the savings account in order to earn more interest.

Savings and Spending:

$4.00 snacks at work

$3.99 coffee
$6.00 cigarettes

$148.89 left in budget 'til 3/16

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