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Being sick saves me money :)

March 12th, 2006 at 10:11 pm

I've been sick the last few days. I finally felt better today, and I got out of the house for the first time since Thursday. I called in sick on Friday, and spent most of Friday and Saturday sleeping.

This was a very frugal weekend. Part of that was being sick, but today my boyfriend and I went for a hike in order to get out of the house. This evening we had friends over for dinner. No expenditures since everyone brought food and we used what we already had in the house.

I made an extra payment to my student loan. Last paycheck I only made an extra payment of $130 instead of $160, since I knew I had some bills coming up. I stayed way below budget though, and decided to go ahead and make the additional $30 payment.

I already received my bonus for opening an account with ING Direct. Still waiting for all the processing with HSBC.


$5.19 cigarettes
$6.62 groceries

$30.00 extra student loan payment

$101.58 left in budget 'til 3/16


$0.50 grocery savings
$0.22 ING direct "test deposits"

$25.00 ING Direct opening bonus

$25.72 to be used 3/17 for student loan payment

1 Responses to “Being sick saves me money :)”

  1. PrincessPerky Says:

    Glad your feeling better, sick always costs me money Frown

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