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Loooong day

March 13th, 2006 at 09:19 pm

Silly me remembered there was a staff meeting today, after calling in sick on friday. What I didn't remember was to check and see if it was before or after work. Yeah, it was after, but I showed up before. So an already long day became even longer because I was just silly.

Spending was a bit high today because in my rush to make it to what I thought was a morning staff meeting, I forgot lunch. Oh well, frustrating, but I have some wiggle room in my budget (even though I get paid in just a few days).

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and the whole day off. I'm planning on sleeping in. No expenditures for the dentist, since I get two free cleanings a year.

Spending and Saving:

$10 groceries

$9 lunch
$15 cigarettes

$67.58 left in budget 'til 3/16

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