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Dentist today and other spending

March 14th, 2006 at 04:55 pm

I'm on such a bad roll lately. I didn't realize todays dentist appointment was actually a procedure, next week is the cleaning.

It actually worked out alright, they thought they would have to do a crown, but ended up just doing an onlay (kind of like a partial crown, a little piece that's cemented on the biting surface of the tooth).

Since it didn't take as long as it would have, my dentist asked if I wanted to go ahead and replace two fillings in the surrounding teeth. These were planned for a couple months from now because both fillings have been around for a while and are starting to decay around the filling (apparently fillings actually have a lifespan, who knew?). Fewer dentist visits is always nice.

Total cost was $552.60 rather than the $547 they estimated, but that's for essentially 3 procedures. Yah!

I stopped off at the drug store to pick up some toiletries (deodorant on sale, and hair product). I had planned on going to the store, but I think I'll wait and go later tonight. I still had a numb mouth and just wanted to head home.


$15.53 drug store
$0.01 to brick and mortar savings account (realized I had let it sit at zero, and didn't want it to close)

$50.54 left in budget 'til 3/16


$0.50 sale savings at drug store

$26.22 to be used 3/17 for student loan payment

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